Was in Agreement Synonym

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When it comes to writing, using synonyms is a great way to vary your language and avoid repetition. However, it`s important to choose the right synonym to accurately convey the intended meaning. One common phrase that writers often search for synonyms for is “was in agreement.” So what are some synonyms for “was in agreement”?

1. Concurred

To concurre means to agree with someone or something. Therefore, “concurred” is a great synonym for “was in agreement.” For example, “The members of the committee concurred on the decision.”

2. Assented

Similar to “concurred,” “assented” means to express agreement or approval. You can use this synonym to convey a similar meaning to “was in agreement.” For example, “The CEO assented to the proposed business plan.”

3. Agreed

This one may seem obvious, but “agreed” is a simple and straightforward synonym for “was in agreement.” For example, “The two parties agreed to the terms of the contract.”

4. Accorded

While “accorded” is not a commonly used synonym for “was in agreement,” it can still be used to convey the same meaning. It means to grant or give someone something based on mutual agreement. For example, “The company accorded the employee a raise after reaching an agreement.”

5. Approved

“Approved” can also be used as a synonym for “was in agreement.” It conveys the idea of giving consent or agreement to something. For example, “The board of directors approved the proposed budget for the year.”

In conclusion, there are several synonyms for “was in agreement” that can be used to vary your language and convey the intended meaning. Just make sure to choose the right synonym for the context of your writing.